Jesus with Pekingese poster

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Pekingese are very brave little dogs. These adorable dogs can be great companions. They have the ability to eat a lot without knowing fullness, but if fed too much, they will quickly gain weight. This is a pretty good looking dog. Pekingese is unlikely to cause damage to household items.
Jesus with Pekingese poster3 1
Jesus with Pekingese poster3 1
This can lead to a variety of negative behaviors, including: disobedient, self-indulgent, jealous, lonely anxiety, overprotective, growling, biting, biting, and barking excessively when the dog tries to signal you what it wants to do. If you have them eating on the table, they will gradually become anorexic, and the more difficult they show to their owners, the more anorexic they become. They can become fierce dogs, which can lead to reckless, foolish behavior when they try to get through. This is not Pekingese’s signature personality.

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